About me

Hey, I'm Luca and I'm ready to help you in whatever musical project you are developing, any genre, any idea. I'm ready to experiment with you the best way to create our art.

... but, why me?

I'm sure you know other billion alternatives to my services, so why would you choose me to cuddle your music?
That is a great question.
Actually it's the main question you should ask yourself when putting your music into someone else's hands.
So let me describe who I am to understand if your music can be a good fit with my skills...
I entered the music world when I was ten, I grabbed my first guitar and I loved it, I mean true love.
It took me eight years to understand that I actually could record music and for me that was mindblowing.
I could actually save my musical ideas as they were inked on paper.
From that day producing music became slowly my life.

Along side of that, from my passion of live concerts and live music, I started working as a live audio technician, a very different world than working in the studio but with the same need of caring and art embracing.
I'm still playing live concerts with my band as a bassist and I'm still writing my own music as a singer-songwriter.
I think that this is a really important point: every audio engineer should not forget how it feels to be the client, and trust me, I know it very well.
Everytime I start producing a record I start a true relationship with it.
I care about the artist and the music we are trying to create and I think this is what everyone in the first place is looking for.

Currently based in...

Castelfranco Emilia (MO), Italy

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